how to apply

The current class graduates on June 12, 2024. Our next class begins on July 10, 2024 and graduates on December 11, 2024.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Determine Eligibility
  • Volunteer for the program
  • Enroll into the program
  • Ages 15 to 18 at start of program (must be 16 by graduation)
  • Legal resident of the United States and of Oregon
  • Academically deficient (behind in high school credits), at-risk of not graduating or a high school drop-out
  • Free from felony convictions and no open violations for adult status offenses
  • Drug free
  • Physically and mentally capable of participating
Schedule & Complete Orientation

It is mandatory that all applicants and their legal guardian attend an orientation. Orientations are being conducted virtually through Microsoft teams, or in-person at designated locations.

Schedule an orientation
Complete Application

The application is now online. When you “Schedule an Orientation” you will be required to provide an email address. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the orientation and a link to “SchoolDoc”, the online platform where our application is located. You may register to apply immediately or wait until the orientation is completed.

All applicants that have attended an orientation will be assigned a case-manager, who will assist in the application completion process. Please ensure you have signed all forms requiring your signature. Applications will be submitted through “SchoolDoc”.

OYCP does not accept responsibility for lost applications. It is your responsibility to ensure we have received your full complete application. Eligible applicants who meet our “immediate select” criteria may be selected immediately upon receipt and Director approval of their application. Immediate select criteria are explained at orientation. The sooner your application is completed, the better. Please don’t delay!


OYCP has space for 240 Cadets, comprised of 4 Platoons of 60. Our ratio of male and female cadets will be determined by the number of applications received by male and female applicants. Selection of candidates will be accomplished prioritizing applicants on a combination of grade level and academic standing, (credits achieved) selecting those applicants who are most behind in high school credits to those who are least behind in high school credits.

Applicants who have submitted a complete application, have been selected and verbally accepted an offer to attend the program will be emailed an invitation letter. This letter will be sent at a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date. It is important to follow the detailed instructions in the invitation.


Please call or email our Admissions Department if you have further questions at the contact information below:

541-317-9623 ext 267/223

tips for success


This is a real feeling that can affect more than one-third of all people who experience a new and distant environment. Be prepared to experience homesickness at some point but also commit yourself to participating to the best of your ability!

Sleep habits

Candidates/cadets get up early, every morning. Prepare your body by making adjustments to your sleep schedule. Practice going to bed and waking up earlier.


Throughout the program participants will be expected to make improvements in physical fitness. We highly encourage youth to look for ways to begin preparing ahead of time. Take time each day to start moving your body!


Included in the daily training schedule are consistent meals and snack times. They are the same time every day. If you are used to eating at irregular times, begin preparing your body now by making your meals more consistent.

For Parents

The first few weeks can be very difficult for candidates/cadets. It is important for parents, family members, and mentors to stand firm and encourage your kids to endure and accept the Challenge that they signed up to complete.

For Cadets

This is an opportunity to re-invent yourself and leave your past behind you. Keep your frustration level at a minimum. Not everyone learns and adapts at the same pace. Be ready to be part of a team. Lastly, listen and follow directions.

Things To Remember

We provide the opportunity for you to change, but ultimately it is your choice if you want to change and be successful in life.  Over 200,000 youth (nationwide) just like you, chose to be successful. Choose to succeed. When you graduate from OYCP you will have significantly increased your math, reading, and English skills. You will have had the opportunity to recover high school credits or earn an educational credential. You will be a better person with more self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have a plan in place to be successful in life.  Lastly, you will discover the real you.

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