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Oregon Youth Challenge High School

We’re getting Oregon teens back on track. Our cadets can recover credits toward graduation, earn their high school diploma or GED, and will emerge more confident in their future.

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The Challenge program includes eight core components that build critical life skills. These skills are developed through hands-on activities and traditional classroom settings.

Life Coping Skills

Explore your value structure and come to a better understanding of the attitudes, needs and desires that motivate you as an individual.

academic excellence
Two female students

Enhance your education skills and get motivated to continue your self-improvement.

job skills
Two female students

Learn how to conduct job searches, write resumes, fill out employment applications, and conduct yourself during an interview.

Health & Hygiene
Two male students practicing cpr

Learn the positive correlation between good health and hygiene habits and your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Service to the community
Three female students doing service work

Develop an understanding of the benefits and value gained through volunteering at community projects and agencies.

responsible citizenship
Three female students doing service work

Explore the forces that work to make a community strong and supportive of its members, as well as the forces that work to disintegrate a community.

Leadership & followership
Two males students

Gain the skills to be a good follower and a valued member of society. Learn the traits of good leaders so you can be prepared to lead when the opportunity arrives.

physical fitness
Female student crawling across a beam

Gain a lifelong commitment to physical, mental, and emotional well-being through military style PT, running and organized sports.



Jaime Meyers

“My son came home a different person after his few months there and he still looks back fondly on the time he spent there.”

Chad Mathews

“If I did not attend OYCP, I may not have been as lucky as I am now. They gave me the strength and the discipline I needed to succeed.”

Elena Ortiz Robles

“The study and attention they give our children is quality, not quantity. Their discipline is exemplary.”

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Your involvement is crucial to your teen’s success, and we encourage you to stay connected during this process.

Parents can view upcoming events, find instructions on how to contact their cadet, and view photos below.

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our mission

To provide opportunities for personal growth, self-improvement, and academic achievement through a highly structured non-traditional environment; integrating training, mentoring and diverse educational activities.

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