Module 5

The Case Manager and Reporting Requirements


  • Identify relevant responsibilities of a case manager.
  • Become familiar with monthly reporting requirements.


  • Case managers exist to support you and your mentoring relationship. They are your first line of defense and can help answer questions or concerns you might have. Case management refers to the “oversight practices employed by a program that lead to active mentor matches and successful cadet placement” within the Post-Residential Phase. The case manager ensures the key elements of a positive mentor and mentee relationship are in place. These elements are outlined in the contract that you will receive. “Active mentor matches” refer to situations in which mentors and mentees are fulfilling their contact requirements and meeting monthly reporting requirements.
  • Case manager duties might include, but are not limited to: maintaining monthly communication with mentors, monitoring and recording mentoring activities and contacts, recording cadets’ placement activities, and maintaining and reporting on contact with cadets who are active duty military.
  • Perhaps most importantly, case managers act as cadet advocates, helping them to stay on the right track and make progress in attaining their P-RAP goals, assisting in NGYCP’s mission of producing program graduates with the skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults.