How much does the program cost?

OYCP is a FREE program to eligible applicants and their families.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Applicants should turn 16 before the end of the residential phase of the program and cannot turn 19 before the start date of the program.

How long is the program?

17 1/2 months total. 22 week Residential Phase followed by the 12 month Post residential Phase with a mentor after graduation.

How do you enroll in the program?

The first step of the enrollment process is to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.  After that, you must attend one of our orientations.  Please see our page “How To Apply” for detailed steps in the application process.

Is there an orientation for applicants and guardians?

Yes. All applicants are required to attend one of our orientations as part of the application process.  During this orientation, applicants and guardians are informed on all aspects and expectations of the program.

Does my youth have to join the military if he/she attends the program?

No. There is no obligation to join the military.

Can I force my child to attend the program?

No. The program is 100% voluntary.

Is the Program Co-Ed?

Yes. The Program is open to males and females.

Can the Cadets receive letters and emails?

Yes. We highly encourage letter/email writing for your Cadet.  It provides them motivation and helps with homesickness.  Please see our page “Cadet Contact Information” for detailed instructions.

Can I have a cell phone or other electronics?

No.  Cadets cannot have cell phones or other electronics while attending the program.

Do Cadets need money at OYCP?

No. Absolutely no money is permitted at OYCP.

Is there weekend leave or visitation during the 22-Week Residential Phase?

Yes. There are two mandatory weekend passes where cadets depart for the weekend and return.

Does the program have medical staff?

Yes. OYCP has a medical provider onsite 4 days per week. It is the mission of the medical team to keep the cadets healthy and moving throughout the program.