Cadet Contact Information

Communication is key to your Cadet’s success, especially when it comes to homesickness.  Your Cadet’s emotional health can affect how they do in school, their relationships with family, friends, fellow Cadets, staff, and how well they handle new challenges. Please take the time to keep your Cadet informed on what is going on at home and to provide positive encouragement.

Mail is delivered daily except on Sundays and Holidays.  All mail is screened for contraband.

Cadet (Last Name, First Name), Platoon (1,2,3 or 4)
23861 Dodds Rd
Bend, OR 97701

Send a Cadet Note

Another form of communication to your Cadet is through our online Cadet Note.  Our online system is a way for parents, caregivers, mentors, and friends to send free messages directly to their Cadets.  Messages are printed and delivered to Cadets nightly at mail call (between 7:30pm- 9:00pm.  Messages are subjected to screening by staff for inappropriate content.  You can send messages via the link below:

   Cadet Note