About The Program

The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program (OYCP) is the only accredited statewide alternative high school.  Eligible individuals are accepted from all 36 counties in Oregon.  The school is a non-traditional model that operates similar to a military academy.  The program is guided by military principles, structure and self-discipline. Our staff utilize a “hands off”, tough love, caring, and disciplined approach to instill values, train and instruct cadets.  Cadets are eligible to earn a high school diploma, GED or credit recovery of 8 certified credits from required class work completion.  The school is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and approved by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).

The school is difficult….and very rewarding.

The target population of Cadets is generally those considered “academically at risk”, dropped out of high school, not attending, or those failing in school.  Cadets must be able and willing to participate in all activities to be successful in this program.  This is an all or nothing program.  Cadets who enroll in OYCP must complete the entire 5 month residential phase in order to receive any credit or educational credential.

There are two phases to the program.  The first is a 22 week residential phase where Cadets live on site participating in military structure, discipline, physical fitness, service to community and academic classroom instruction.

All Cadets must have a placement plan to integrate back in the community in order to graduate.

The second phase is a 12 month mentor active period when the Cadet returns to the community to implement goals, objectives, placement and post residential activities developed while in the residential phase.  Examples of placement may be returning to high school, going to college, starting a full time job or volunteer work, enlisting in the military, joining Job Corps, or a similar vocational interest.