About The Program


In 1999, the Oregon National Guard established the Oregon Youth Challenge Program (OYCP) in Bend, Oregon as an intervention program to reclaim the lives of Oregon teens who had dropped out of high school or who were not on track to graduate. The term “at-risk”, for our purposes, refers to the risk of not graduating high school. We are well aware of the negative life outcomes that are associated with this risk: poverty, incarceration, and early death are among them. It is because the stakes are so high that the Department of Defense invested in the Challenge model of youth development and community outreach.

OYCP is one of more than 40 programs in 28 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. All Youth Challenge Programs help at-risk youth earn their high school diploma, an equivalency, or credit recovery toward graduation.

OYCP incorporates best practices in positive youth development from a combination of educational and military models. Staff leverage high-quality and trusting relationships with program participants, their parents and guardians and a vast network of OYCP supporters to achieve success. OYCP continues to work with program participants for one year after they graduate from the residential phase to help them return to high school, enroll in college, trade school, start a career, volunteer or join the military.

To date, the OYCP has graduated nearly 5418 cadets from across the State of Oregon.


To provide opportunities for personal growth, self improvement and academic achievement among Oregon high school drop outs, teens no longer attending and those failing in school, through a highly structured non-traditional environment; integrating training, mentoring and diverse educational activities.


To be one of the State’s leaders and premier youth programs serving high school drop outs and those who are not likely to succeed in the traditional high school system, while creating economic value, long term cost avoidance, civic contribution and future responsible tax paying citizens of Oregon.

Program Overview

OYCP is Oregon’s only accredited statewide alternative high school.  The program is free for all participants.  Eligible individuals are accepted from all 36 counties in Oregon.  The program’s primary focus and goal is to improve education, life skills and placement potential after the residential phase for participating Cadets.

There are two phases to the program.  The first phase is a 22 week, residential phase where cadets live on site focusing on academic instruction. The second phase is a 12 month, post residential phase where cadet return to their community focusing on goals, objectives and placement.

Things To Consider

OYCP has no tolerance for disrespect, bullying, fighting, lying, cheating, or stealing.

Things To Remember

We provide the opportunity for you to change but ultimately  it is your choice if you want to change and be successful in life.  Over 180,000 youth (nationwide), just like you chose to be successful. Choose to succeed. When you graduate from OYCP you will have significantly increased your math, reading, and english skills. You will have had the opportunity to recover high school credits or earn an educational credential. You will be a better person with more self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have a plan in place to be successful in life.  Lastly, you will discover the real you.