Schedule An Orientation

***This is for our July 2019 Class***

Orientation is the second step in the process to apply for OYCP.  The applicant and their legal guardian must attend an orientation in order to become eligible to attend.  The purpose of the orientation is to provide information to the applicant and their guardians about the program. It gives the applicant a first-hand look at the schedule, structure and discipline of the program through a presentation, a tour of the facility (if attending an on-site orientation in Bend) and a question and answer session with current cadets.

All orientations for the January class have been completed.  Orientations for our July class are posted on our web page.  Please pre-register for guaranteed seating.  See you there!!


If you have further questions please call or email our Admissions Department at:

541-317-9623 ext. 223 or 225   oycpadmissions@mil.state.or.us