Schedule An Orientation

***This is for our next class (to be determined due to COVID-19 restrictions).

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing guidance, our orientations are being provided online through a set of slides to review, or through an online presentation using “Google Meets”, a video conferencing application.  Orientation is a mandatory requirement to apply for OYCP.  The applicant and their legal guardian must participate in the orientation in order to become eligible to apply.  Applications will not be processed until an orientation attendance form that we will provide has been completed, signed, sent and received by the OYCP Admissions department.   The purpose of the orientation is to provide ample information to the applicant and their guardians about the program, for the purpose of assisting in the decision to apply.

You must register for the orientation to participate.  Thank you for your interest!


If you have further questions please call or email our Admissions Department at:

541-317-9623 ext. 223/267/225   oycpadmissions@mil.state.or.us