Vision Statement:

The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge vision is to be one of the State’s leaders and premier youth programs serving high school drop outs and those who are not likely to succeed in the traditional high school system, while creating economic value, long term cost avoidance, civic contribution and future responsible tax paying citizens of Oregon.

Mission Statement:

The program mission is to provide opportunities for personal growth, self improvement and academic achievement among Oregon high school drop outs, teens no longer attending and those failing in school, through a highly structured non-traditional environment; integrating training, mentoring and diverse educational activities.

Primary Goals:

The primary focus and goal of the Oregon National Guard Challenge Program is to improve education, life skills and placement potential after the residential phase for participating Cadets. This is accomplished by providing military-based training, classroom instruction and mandatory CORE areas of training. As described previously, the educational CORE areas include assisting Cadets in obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent, developing leadership qualities, promoting service learning and community service, developing life-coping skills and job skills, while improving physical fitness, health and hygiene.