Become A Mentor

Matching the cadets with a caring, responsible volunteer mentor is the most critical component of the OYCP experience. The mentoring relationship begins in the Residential Phase and continues for a full year during the Post-Residential Phase of the program.  Mentoring is important for the development of these young men and women as they continue their success after the program.

What is a mentor and what are the benefits of mentoring

A mentor is a coach, counselor, supporter, role model, and a trusted guide or advisor.  A mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise to guide the development of another person.

Mentoring is vital for the success of the Oregon Youth Challenge Program – vital in that mentoring sustains the newly invigorated lives of cadets and supports their continued practice of the life-changing habits attained in the Residential Phase.

Mentor Qualifications

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Be of the same gender as the applicant
  • Be within a reasonable distance to the applicant to facilitate Post Residential contact
  • Be willing to travel to attend the one-time onsite training in Bend
  • Be willing to submit and pass a background check
  • Not be an immediate family member (mother, father, step parent, legal guardian, or sibling step, half, full, adopted)
  • Not be a person living in the applicant’s household.

What is the Process

  • Find out information on what a mentor is
  • Complete a Mentor Application
  • Pass the Background Check & Interview
  • Complete online mentor training
  • Attend onsite mentor training
  • Match with Cadet
  • Monthly reporting

 Mentoring questions

If you or someone you know would like to become an OYCP Mentor or have program questions, please call or email one of our Mentor Coordinators:

Frank Tallman at 541-317-9623 ext. 225 Franklin.J.Tallman@mil.state.or.us
Carrie Thompson at 541-317-9623 ext. 227 Carrie.L.Thompson@mil.state.or.us
Deborah Turner at 541-317-9623 ext. 245 Deborah.M.Turner@mil.state.or.us
Volinda Foreman at 541-317-9623 ext. 235 Volinda.G.Foreman@mil.state.or.us