Become A Mentor

What Is Mentoring

Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between a youth and an adult who provides consistent support, guidance and concrete help as the younger person may go through a difficult, challenging situation or period in life. The goal of mentoring is to help youth gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own future. This includes an increasing emphasis on academic and occupational skills.

OYCP Mentor Eligibility Requirements

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Be of the same gender as the applicant
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Be willing to make a 17 month commitment ( months Residential writing/ 12 months Post Residential contacts)
  • Be within a reasonable distance to the applicant to facilitate contact in their home town after OYCP graduation.
  • Not be a person living in the applicant’s household
  • Not be an immediate family member (mother, father, step parent, legal guardian, or sibling to include step, half, full, or adopted)
  • Be willing to submit and pass a background check and interview
  • Be willing to complete online introductory program training (Primary Mentor Only)
  • Be willing to complete a one time Mentor and Co-Training with your applicant in Bend (Primary Mentor Only)
  • Be willing to have (in your hometown after OYCP graduation) 4 contacts, 4 hours of contact or a combination of both every month with the applicant for 12 months
  • Be willing to submit an electronic or telephonic contact report monthly to the Case manager.

OYCP Mentor Disqualifications

  • Any history of reports, charges, arrest, or conviction for any form of domestic violence
  • Any history of arrest or conviction for a sex offense
  • Any felony conviction within the last five years
  • Any history of DUI/DUII within the last five years
  • Any alcohol, drug, or substance abuse within the last five years
  • Any discovery of falsely provided information

OYCP Mentoring Process

Applicants must have two mentors (Primary & Secondary) in order to apply for the program. The applicant self selects his/her Primary and Secondary Mentor during the application process and provides the respective application to each mentor.

After the applicant is accepted into the program, assigned Case managers begin screening the Primary Mentors to insure they meet the basic eligibility requirements. The screening process consists of a background check and an interview.  Accepted Primary Mentors are given further instructions on the required online and on-site training in Bend, Oregon.

The Secondary Mentor serves as a back-up for the Primary Mentor. The Secondary Mentor remains in a backup status for the duration of the program.  In the event the Primary Mentor cannot perform their duties, the Case Manager will coordinate with the Secondary Mentor to assume the role as the Primary Mentor.  The Case Manager will provide the Secondary Mentor with specific instructions on how to proceed.

OYCP Mentoring Questions

If you or someone you know would like to become an OYCP Mentor or have program questions, please call or email David Sutterfield at 541-317-9623 ext. 225  David.R.Sutterfield@mil.state.or.us