Last Days Before Break

Wednesday was our drill and ceremony competition along with individual awards. All the platoons marched against each other to see who the best of the best was. The old CPL’s marched each platoon along with the old Guide-on’s and squad leaders. One last hoorah for our former cadet leadership! We also received our individual awards and all of the cadets got new ribbons to put on our blouses. A great honor to have our ribbons handed to us by our platoon leaders and shake the hands of the director and commandant. Wednesday was a great day to remember as we all moved forward in this amazing program to better ourselves and become the men and women parents expect us to become!

As break has gotten closer, all the cadets are getting excited and anxious about being able to see their friends and family. One-third of the way through the program and getting closer and closer each day to our goals. After break is going to be a real big shock to everyone, because the Cadre are going to hold the cadets to even higher standards. That means we need to give it our 110% effort to be the best of the best. Thursday is Round Robin, where the commandant, the principal and other staff will talk with the whole company about what to do and what not to do during break, so make sure to keep that in mind when you pick us up. Also, be sure to watch the tips and tricks for break video produced by the cadets.

Everyone is super excited about break and what we are going to do when we get home! I’m super exited to be able to get away for a few days and just relax and not worry about getting put on my face. Along with most of the cadets here were all excited to be able to see our parents again after 2 months away from home it’s time to be able to relax. I’m also worried about old habits trying to creep back up; the last thing I want to see is more people get kicked out for something they did on Snapchat. But I have confidence in the rest of the platoon and the company that we will all do the right thing over break. We are all so excited to see you and don’t forget our morning snack!!!

By Cadet Kasmeyer