1. Each student takes a TABE Locator test during Red Stage and a Post TABE near the end of the program.
  2. Students may choose to take the GED test.
  3. Students who complete the standard 22 week program receive 8 high school credits. Any credits earned above the standard 8.0 credits is considered very unusual and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Under no circumstances will a cadet be eligible to earn more than 10 credits while enrolled at OYCP.
  4. Students may receive a HS Diploma. In order to earn an Oregon Youth Challenge High School Diploma, a cadet must arrive at OYCP with 14 or more transferable credits on their high school transcript(s). A total of 24 credits must be earned and cadet must graduate from the 22 week residential program.
  5. Each student goes to school 4 or 5 days a week for 22 weeks.
  6. Each student performs community service up to 2 days a week and learns pride in ownership by maintaining the facility 1 day per week.
  7. The following subjects are taught:  Math, English, Literature, Science, Life/Career Skills, Social Studies, Composition, Electives and Physical Training
Credit Subject Total hours per class Standard Credits Awarded
Careers 140 1
Fine Arts 130 .5
Language Arts 169 Proficiency based 1.5
Health/Wellness 134 1
Math 104 Proficiency based 1
Physical Education 134 1
Science 132 1
Soc. Studies 125 1
Grand Total 1068 8

Students are with us for 154 days.  They have 24-hour supervision.  They are awake from 0600 until 2130 (15 1/2 hours per day.  They are actively engaged in constructive learning a minimum of 10 hours per day.


Outside of our regular school day they have:

  • Evening guest speakers
  • Community service work
  • Evening classes (CAP and character development)
  • Physical training sports events
  • Offsite field trips
  • Cadet job duties
  • Onsite maintenance

154 days x 10 learning hours per day = 1540 possible learning hours

Each student has a study hall for 1 hour, 4 days a week for 20 weeks = 80 hours.  These hours are tutored.  If a student needs extra help, individual instruction is given each Friday.

Average Class Size: 25 students (with one Teacher Aide)

TEACHERS:  Mr. Butler, Mr. Lowy, Ms. Mazziotti, Mr. Rossiter, and Mr Wangler (All have State of Oregon Credentials)

OYCP Classroom Education Service Policy:

OYCP shall operate as a certified Oregon Alternative High School. The school shall meet or exceed the Federal National Guard Bureau Master Cooperative Agreement requirements and Oregon Department of Education standards for Alternative Schools. As a matter of consistent program policy, the classroom academic component shall provide academic services in the following priority order:

  1. Provide classroom structure, develop study skills and deliver a credit based curriculum intended to increase student academic confidence, improvement and achievement. Classroom work shall be directed towards successful re-enrollment in the Oregon mainstream school system to obtain the high school diploma. The curriculum shall integrate the mandatory National Guard Bureau (NGB) 8 CORE components.
  2. A credit recovery curriculum that provides for a student to earn 8 high school credits if all requirements are met. The curriculum shall be approved by the Bend-LaPine School District.
  3. GED preparation and testing for those students who are not likely or eligible to return to the mainstream school system.
  4. The OYCP High School diploma for those students who enroll at OYCP and have a minimum of 14 or more transfer credits in the required areas upon enrollment at OYCP (Requires the Lead Teacher approval).


  • A student who completes the required class work and attends all 22 weeks of the program shall be eligible to receive 8 high school credits upon graduation.
  • With the approval of the Lead Teacher, a student may earn up to an additional 2 extra credits but no more than 10 credits if all approved classwork is completed and the full 22 week program is completed.
  • A student who earns a combined total of 24 high school credits is eligible to earn the OYCP Alternative High School Diploma. This requires the OYCP Lead Teacher’s approval. It is our intent to determine the student’s diploma path/plan on or before the parent visitation.
  • A student who withdraws, is dismissed or quits the program prior to completion of the full 22 week residential program shall not be eligible for or receive any school credits. The program/school is “all or nothing” wherein the student must complete the entire 22 weeks to receive school credits.
  • Any action, change or modification to this policy must be approved by the Program Director in advance.


The purpose of the policy is to provide a framework, clarify standards, set priorities, manage resources and provide consistent direction to staff, students, parents and system wide educators regarding the ONGYCP educational service model.  It is intended to avoid confusion and to inform all interested parties in advance what a student may or may not achieve academically if they choose to voluntarily enroll in the ONGYCP program. It clarifies the service standard that all OYCP employees shall refer to so consistent information can be communicated.


  1. Certified Alternative High School – Refers to our Oregon Department of Education registration and approval of the Bend-LaPine School District.
  2. 8 CORE Components – The mandatory 8 CORE curriculum components and minimum standards for curriculum and testing requirements set by the Federal Government National Guard Bureau and Master Cooperative Agreement in order for the program to receive funding (Academic Excellence, Service Learning, Leadership/Followership, Physical Training, Health & Hygiene, Life Coping Skills, Responsible Citizenship, Job Skills)
  3. Priority Order – Refers to the order of service that the educational component shall focus on when developing curriculum and administering allocated funding resources. This includes workload management and teaching assignments.
  4. Certified Curriculum – Approved by Bend-LaPine School District.
  5. 14 or more Credits – 14 passing credits disclosed on the student’s accepted transcript received by the Program Lead Teacher. The transcript must be a standard commonly accepted transcript in the Oregon education system.
  6. All or Nothing Program – Means a student must successfully complete all 22 weeks and graduate from the residential phase. The exception is the NGB Master Cooperative Agreement approved completion of the 18th week with all program requirements met in order to be placed in the military or other authorized placement prior to the end of the 22nd week.


  1. The Lead Teacher shall be responsible for ensuring that the educational curriculum meets or exceeds required Bend-LaPine and Oregon Department of Education standards for certified credit(s) and the high school diploma.
  2. The Lead Teacher will approve the teaching model and methodology within this policy and the mandatory Federal NGB Master Cooperative Agreement requirements.
  3. All students shall take the mandatory The Basic Adult Education Test (TABE) test at the time of entrance as determined by the OYCP program education staff.
  4. Based upon the The Adult Basic Education Test (TABE) outcome, the education staff will determine the educational track and basic OYCP classroom educational placement/plan for each student during the 22 week residential program.
  5. The OYCP education department shall coordinate with the student and determine the educational track/plan (1-4 priorities above), direction and desired outcome for the student’s education during the 22 weeks at OYCP. This shall be linked and integrated into the student’s mandatory OYCP/NGB Post Residential Cadet Action Plan (CAP).