Class-56 Half Way Party

Last Thursday, we had our halfway party! It was so much fun! There was Just dance on the Wii, there was a game room, and there was a movie room. There was also volleyball, dodgeball, tug-of-war, and a basketball tournament. The winners of the Basketball team were Cadet Propps, Harris, and Jackson. The other teams fought hard battles, but could not win the war! After the main events, which lasted about 3 and ½ hours, we got to go to evening chow, which had amazing food! It was all Halloween oriented with decorations. After the food, we took our showers and were granted the chance to watch Avengers: Infinity Avengers, with a fun a snack. It was amazing! Finally, after the end of the night, we all went to sleep full and happy, ready to take on new challenges.

Cadet Egger/ Cadet Kasmeyer