Class 54 Week 9

This Week at Challenge, Week 9

Week 9 brought a flurry of activities to Challenge with cadets traveling around Central Oregon for community service. With more activities, time begins to move faster, and the cadets are just beginning to realize that the program is almost half finished. With all kinds of activities in the upcoming weeks and parent visitation just around the corner, graduation seems within reaching distance.

School held many fun and exciting learning opportunities for the cadets during week 9. Social Studies brought a lecture about the Judicial branch while the cadets built structures out of wood in science. In careers, the cadets learned the best way to find a job, and in health, they learned all about communicable diseases.

Student Government chose their officers this past week and elected Cadet Tesfamichael from Third platoon to be Student Body President and Cadet Jackson, from Second platoon to be Vice President. For some insight into student government, Cadet Roundy from First platoon gave his take on what our student government does.

Student Government
By Cadet Roundy

Through elections that were held within the three platoons, seven cadets were selected to form our school’s Student Government. Three females and four males have been brought together to work positively and effectively as a team. Although we come from all walks of life and had no previous relations, we hope to come together as a team and help Class 54 be great. These tasks are intended to better our school, to reward the student body, and to leave Class 54’s mark on OYCP. With great effort and heart, the Student Government works as a well-oiled machine to complete the goals at hand. Holding a position in Student Government is an opportunity for a cadet to reach, grow and learn more about responsible citizenship, one of our eight core components.

The Student Government is responsible for a few major events throughout the school year, ranging from food drives, party planning/preparation, aiding in the blood drive, and accumulating our class memories. They plan the halfway party, as well as the graduation party, including the menu choice and the preparation for the food to be served. These seven will be in charge of creating a class mural and creation of the class video and photographic slideshow. These assignments are just some of the major projects that Student Government will participate in.

The cadets are all in high spirits and doing well in and out of school. Please be sure to contact your cadet at least once this week and remind them of your love and support. Lots of fun and exciting things are coming up in the next month, culminating with your visit to the program and an afternoon with your cadet. Please remember to send letters or e-mails showing your son or daughter how proud you are of their accomplishments; it really means a lot to them to hear from their friends and family.