Class 54 Week 8

This Week at Challenge, Week 8

As week 8 comes to a close, the main topic on everyone’s tongue was first break. From the stories the cadets are circulating, it sounds like everyone had a great time. Now that they are back on site, the cadets are falling into their required routines and marching with new purpose in their steps. As they concentrate on the heart of the program, the cadets have a lot to look forward to as we get closer to graduation.

The cadets were a little sluggish as classes began last week, but a little motivation from the cadre added some much needed energy. In science, the cadets designed and began building towers out of straws and Duct Tape. This interactive lab gives the cadets a chance to apply the scientific principles they have been learning for the past few weeks. In Social Studies the cadets watched a documentary on 9/11, while in Health the cadets watched a video about the birth process.

Student Government elections were held just before break. Over 30 cadets vied for the 7 seats available. After giving speeches to their platoons, the candidates spent time answering questions. Then the cadets voted for their representative with two seats from first and second platoons, and third platoon getting three seats. In the end, a very strong group was elected and they have already started serving their terms. Class 54 Student Government is: Cadets Roundy and Youngsma from first platoon; Cadets Jackson and Masson from second platoon; Cadets Eriza, Tesfamichael, and Vong from third platoon. The cadets have begun planning upcoming activities like the Halfway Party and the Blood Drive and finding ways to motivate the entire company.

This can be a difficult time for cadets as they readjust to life at Challenge. Some are homesick over leaving their family after break. Your support at this time is more important than ever as cadets struggle to get through the next few weeks. With 1/3 of the program behind them, the cadets are closer than ever to meeting their goals and need your help to get there. Please send letters or e-mails showing your son or daughter how proud you are of their accomplishments. Many future events are scheduled including the Blood Drive, Color Guard performances, the Career Fair, and the Halfway Party; and these are all just in the next month.