Class 54 Week 5

This Week at Challenge, Week 5

Five weeks of Challenge down and what at first seemed extreme has now become normal.  Hours of physical training, mile-long runs, very loud cadre, and very high standards; all these are now the norm for our 129 Cadets.  Another week of school has passed and the Cadets are starting to look forward to going home on break in just 2 short weeks.

All Cadets have finished their First Aid/CPR training.  Led by Mr. DuPont, this 8 hour class made a very long day for the Cadets.  After hours of training videos, performing chest compressions on manikins and listening to Mr. DuPont and other cadre instruct, they all completed the course.  Each one of our cadets has now received their CPR and First Aid cards, a great resource to have, and it looks great on their resume.

While preparing for their Oregon Restaurant Association’s food handlers test, the Cadets have started serving on Kitchen Duty (KD).  For four hours each afternoon, three Cadets go to the chow hall and help prepare meals; the Cadets are learning to cook!  Preparing food from meatloaf to chocolate chip cookies, these budding chefs are doing an excellent job of helping the kitchen staff to feed 150 people while still making food that tastes good. They have acquired another valuable skill for their future and some Cadets have even expressed interest in becoming a professional chef one day.

Classes this week were also filled with interesting information for the Cadets to use in the future.  In Health class, the students learned about diseases and how dangerous the flu can truly be. In Government, students learned about the legislative branch and how a bill becomes a law.  They are all writing up their own bills which will be due next week.

First break is only two weeks away, and it is time to start preparing to bring your kids home for the weekend. Make sure you have asked for the time off work for travel time to Bend on Friday, September 1, and Tuesday, September 5. Please ensure that your vehicle is in good working order to make the trip go smoothly. Finally, remember to stock up the fridge and pantry with favorite foods, and put some time aside over the weekend to spend with your son/daughter and see how they have changed in just six short weeks.

Please continue to support your Cadet as we get closer to break.  It is extremely important that they receive letters from you to keep them motivated and moving forward.  The Cadet you pick up in two weeks will be very different from the teenager you dropped off only 5 weeks ago; keep this in mind as you prepare for their visit home.    Next week the cadets will be electing their student government and watching the eclipse!