Class 54 Week 4

This Week at Challenge, Week 4


It’s hard to believe that the Cadets have been here for a month already, but time sure flies during Challenge.  The Cadets have had a very busy week filled with activities all over the spectrum.

The school week was filled with all kinds of different activities.  In science class students began preparing for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) phase of science, working on technical drawings; while in social studies, the students began learning about the Constitution.  In health class, the Cadets began their unit on anatomy and physiology, learning about the body from the inside out.  Careers class was very exciting this week as the Cadets all worked to earn their food handler’s card.  Not only does this allow them to work in the kitchen preparing and serving meals, but it also is something they will be able to use when they graduate and are looking for a job.

This weekend, the Cadets will go on their second Service to Community outing.  All Cadets must perform at least 80 hours of community service during the residential phase of our program. Not only does this give the Cadets an opportunity to get away from the facility for a few hours, but the service they perform also gives a huge value back to the local community; plus the Cadets get great work experience for their future.

On Wednesday, the Cadets were introduced to the various branches of the United States Armed Forces.  Representatives from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Air Guard and National Guard each spent time with the Cadets introducing them to the different branches, discussing what each branch can offer new enlistees and how their branch differs from the others.  It is always a popular day for the Cadets, mostly because they get a change of pace from regular school classes, but also for the information they receive.

On Thursday, we had our first group awards ceremony, during which the platoons earned streamers for their guidon (platoon flag). Competition was fierce for this first awards ceremony with the platoons competing for streamers in Drill & Ceremony (D&C), Bay Inspection, Kitchen Patrol (K.P.), Academic Excellence, Leadership/Followership (L/F), and Physical Fitness (P.T.).  First Platoon won the D&C, Academic, KP,  and PT Streamers. Second Platoon brought back the KP, PT, and the Academic Streamers. Third platoon earned the Academic, PT, KP, and Bay Inspection Streamers. Group awards happen monthly, so competition for the next award ceremony is already starting.

This weekend, the Cadets are in class learning First Aid and CPR.  All Cadets will earn their First Aid/CPR certification. The card is valid for two years, and will be given to the cadets at graduation. This is another invaluable skill for the Cadets to acquire and one that may actually save a life.

Only three weeks until break, so keep those letters and e-mails coming.  Your support really helps the Cadets succeed during their time here, so please continue to give as much as you can. Every day the Cadets are getting stronger both physically and emotionally, so each week gets a little easier for them.