Class 54 Week 18

This Week at Challenge, Week 18

With the cadets going home on Wednesday, the whole facility is preparing for their departure. Cadets are catching up on their school work, finalizing their CAP (Cadet Action Plan), and preparing for the final push to graduation. The cadets are beginning to realize how much they have changed as we begin to compare test scores from the first week. The Challenge is almost over, and the cadets are beginning to reap their rewards.

School this week took center stage as the cadets took their final TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) test. This test is used as a benchmark test to appraise if the students have improved academically during their time at Youth Challenge. This two-day test covers four subject areas; cadets will receive the results in the next couple of weeks. Speakers and singers for graduation were chosen this week, however you will have to wait until graduation to find out who they are as I would not want to spoil the surprise. Many of the cadets have finished their math and English workbooks and are beginning to work on extra credits. Those who are behind are receiving extra teacher attention to ensure that everyone completes the required work.

More testing this week for the cadets, but this time it was their bodies being tested, not their minds. Challenge Fitness Testing took place in the afternoons from Monday through Thursday. This six-event test is given 4 times during the program, and the scores are compared to see how the cadets are improving. Cadets who improve the most and get the highest scores will receive medals that they will display at graduation. In school, classes are beginning to wind down as cadets have to finish their math and English workbooks before they leave on break.

Be sure to look in the break packet that your cadets bring home for useful information about graduation. There also will be homework assignments in the break packets, so please remind your cadet to do their homework. Although your cadets will be at home, your support is still needed. Don’t let your cadet quit, or make poor choices, with the goal so close. Remember, graduation is only two weeks after they return from break, and there are some great activities to look forward to, including a company picnic and swim event. Please continue to write to your cadet and show them not only how proud you are of them, but also how succeeding in the present can only lead to better things in their future.