Class 54 Week 14

This Week at Challenge, Week 14

Week 14 started strong and ended even stronger. Visitation, fully transitioning into Blue Stage and awards all contributed to a great week for the cadets. Second break is just around the corner, and the cadets are looking forward to graduation. With new cadet leadership in place, the cadets are motivated to finish strong and prove that they can be successful.

Visitation this past weekend was a great time for everybody. It was fun and exciting not only to meet all the parents, but to see the joy on the faces of the cadets. Many of the cadets received outstanding reports from their teachers, and a progress report worth framing.

School this week focused on writing, with cadets working on various compositions. Also, the cadets learned how to fill out an employment application and why not to eat fast food. On Wednesday, the entire company went to Redmond High School to watch the Oregon Supreme Court hear two cases. This was a real privilege for the cadets, many of whom have never seen a court in action.

On Thursday, the cadets all received their individual awards. With ribbons available in everything from Academics to Physical Training, the cadets were very excited to see where they are excelling. Along with rewards, new Cadet Platoon Leaders were assigned, giving a new cadet the chance to learn about Leadership/Followership. With so much going on, the cadets are buzzing around the facility doing their assigned jobs and preparing for the final portion of the program.

With only seven weeks to go, parental support is needed more than ever. Many cadets are getting anxious as they can sense the end goal is near. Your children need your help in finishing the program and taking that first step towards a better and brighter future. Please continue to write to them and show your cadet not only how proud you are of them, but also how succeeding in the present can only lead to better things in their future.