Class 53 Week 6

This Week at Challenge, Week 6

With only one week until break, the cadets are really starting to look forward to seeing their family, friends, and having a large pizza all to themselves.  What was once a bunch of kids behind in school has become a group of viable young adults working towards becoming responsible citizens. The physical training continues as the cadets get in better shape, and they are actually now looking forward to mile-long runs.

Classes this week were continuations of the previous week.  In Careers, cadets worked on creating a real world budget.  In science the cadets began their tower building lab, building towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti.  Social studies finished up its legislative branch with a discussion and began watching the film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  In Health, the cadets studied the digestive tract and took a look at various government standards for foods.

With the end of the fourth week of white stage, the platoons are putting new student leadership in place. Leadership/followership is one of the 8 core components, and all cadets must hold a leadership position at some time during their stay at Youth Challenge. The first group of platoon leaders and squad leaders did a great job with leading their respective platoons. Being the first platoon leader is always difficult for the cadets, having extra responsibility while still trying to figure out how to be a cadet. The first platoon leaders were: Platoon 1 Cadet Peterson; Platoon 2 Cadet Harness; and Platoon 3 Cadet Farley.  Platoon leadership also includes squad leaders, KP leaders, Team Leaders, and Guidon, the cadet who holds the platoon flag during marching and company activities. All these cadets did a great job with their initial leadership position and are to be commended.

With only a week to go until break, your support is more important than ever.  With one third of the program finished, we need your support to help those cadets who are on the bubble to be successful.  Look for their break packets when you pick your cadets up on Friday.  These packets will contain lots of important information for you and your cadet including: the first class newsletter, homework, blood drive information and other important documents.  Please don’t allow this packet to get lost as some of it must be returned with your cadet next Tuesday. There will be no update next week as you will have your cadet to give you an in-person update.  We hope you have a fun and safe break with your cadet and we look forward to seeing you all on Friday.