Class 53 Week 3

This Week at Challenge, Week 3

The cadets had a great first week of white stage filled with school and lots of activities.  Although there are some who are still struggling with home sickness, the company is really coming together as the platoons mesh into cohesive groups.  Already the change is starting to show as the cadets have started to mature and realize how Youth Challenge is going to improve their lives.

Classes started this week and cadets were placed with their math and English teachers.  They also attended their core classes including careers, science, health and social studies.  In health, the cadets calculated their body mass index (BMI) so that they could have a starting point for the class.  They will calculate this again at the end of the program so they can see how far they have improved physically.  In careers, the cadets began preparing to take the test for their food handler’s card.  All the cadets are required to take the test and earn the card.  Meanwhile, in social studies, the cadets took the United States Citizenship test.  This is the actual test that is given to immigrants trying to earn their citizenship.  This test will also be given again towards the end of the program so the cadets can see how far they have come in their comprehension of U.S. Government.

After school this week, the cadets were busy taking the President’s Physical Fitness test.  They will take this test 3 times in total during the class, and awards will be given to the cadets who improve the most as well as those with the highest scores.  Eligible cadets may also earn the President’s Award.  The cadets will soon be participating in their first D&C (Drill and Ceremony) competition. The cadets are practicing marching and cadences and the halls ring with the sound of their voices.  Remember to keep those letters coming; the cadets depend on the support of their friends and family to make it through this difficult program.  Only 4 weeks left until you bring them home for first break, so start stocking your cupboard or pantry now.

Next week the cadets will be introduced to various branches of the military, will find out which platoon is best at cleaning their bays, and will learn how to save a life!