Class 53 Week 16

This Week at Challenge, Week 16

Week 16 was a very busy week for the cadets.  Lots of mandatory assessments, and other activities kept the cadets busy as they continue toward the home stretch.  The cadets are gaining confidence in the classroom, and muscling through hours of PT, as we draw closer to graduation.  With only three weeks until break, and six weeks until graduation, the cadets are starting to realize that the end is in sight and soon they will have completed the Youth Challenge.

In careers, the students began writing their three skills essay, while in science they are working on structures made out of newspaper.  The cadets studied elections in Government and learned about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. While in health, the cadets learned about diseases that can do horrible things to the human body and how to combat them.

One of the big parts of the program is Service to Community (S2C). Once a week, cadets go off-site to do jobs in the community. Not only does this give the cadets a break from their regular duties, but it gives them a chance to earn valuable job experience while also discovering how much a few volunteer hours can help the community thrive.

Some of the cadets still need to complete their placement requirements; please ensure that they have the time to visit schools or businesses to make sure that they get this requirement fulfilled. The cadets will all be coming home with a packet full of paperwork including homework, progress report cards, and other important documents. Please go through this with your cadet to make sure that all important work is both looked at and completed.

With only six weeks to go, parental support is needed more than ever.  Many cadets are getting anxious as they can sense the end goal is near.  Your children need your help in finishing the program and taking that first step towards a better and brighter future.  Remember to start making second break plans with the cadets now; the next three weeks are going to go by very quickly and the cadets can already taste that home cooking. Please continue to write to them and show your cadet not only how proud you are of them, but also how succeeding in the present can only lead to better things in their future.