Class 53 Week 11

This Week at Challenge, Week 11


Halfway!  This is the cry on the lips of the cadets as we finish the first half of the program.  Motivation is high and the cadets are extremely proud of their accomplishments.  What a long way they have all come in just 11 weeks, and with the second half still remaining, the cadets will only continue to improve.

Orientation and mentor match have been in the forefront lately.  With the last major mentor match last week, there are only a few cadets who haven’t met their mentor, however many of them will be matched in the next week.  Mr. Strupith has only good things to say about the orientation cadets who meet with potential cadets every two weeks or so.  With an orientation coming up on April 8th, these cadets are geared up and ready to help recruit new cadets for next class.

The highlight this week was the halfway party.  After morning classes on Thursday, the cadets were allowed to play games, watch movies, talk to each other, and have a great meal.  Cadet Dewey of First Platoon has his own perspective of this fun event.

The Halfway Party
By Cadet Mousa

Some of the many fantastic things that Class 53’s halfway party allowed us to do were: playing dodge ball, the Wii, a collection of board games, and being able to communicate with everyone in the company. After all the activities, we had a fantastic dinner composed of a Teriyaki Bacon Cheeseburger, hot wings, Hawiian macaroni salad, amazing curly fries, broccoli in cheese sauce, tropical fruit salad and for the dessert, a birthday cake ice cream sandwich!

Once the whole company was nice and full, the party ended with a movie. Our student government had chosen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and they made a perfect choice. Allowing us cadets to loosen up for a couple hours was great and also reminded us that OYCP, although very structured, will let us be ourselves on rare occasions . We are 11 weeks into the biggest change of our lives, 11 more weeks and each one of us will be a whole new person. Keep up the motivation Class 53!

The cadets had a very good week of classes this week.  In health, they took their sexual awareness test as a review of their latest section.  Science saw the cadets working on a lab where they built structures out of spaghetti to see if they could withstand an earthquake.  The Cadets learned their legal rights in social studies as we had a guest speaker come and talk about the Bill of Rights, as Cadet Pacheco explains below.

Our Rights Explained
By Cadet Pacheco

This week, Oregon Youth Challenge Cadets were treated to a presentation by Alycia Sykora, a local lawyer. The presentation was not only fun, but filled with tons of useful information that cadets can now use for Mr. Lowy’s Student Government class. We learned about legal rights and cadets took turns reading the first 10 amendments. Ms. Sykora explained each amendment thoroughly leading to a lively question and answer period. She picked a female cadet and proceeded to show us how an officer would pat down a suspect. She also performed the sobriety test on three of the female cadets – which all failed even though they were completely sober. It’s always a great time getting to have guest speakers come and visit with our cadets.

The cadets have a very busy schedule over the next 7 days, starting with the blood drive this weekend.  On April 6th is the Career Fair!  If you would like to be a vendor at the OYCP Career Fair, please contact Ms. Mazziotti at 541-317-9623, ext. 250.  She is always looking for new people to participate in this activity that the cadets really benefit from. Cadets will also be taking their ASVAB test next week and may have their results in time for visitation.

Please remember to send letters or e-mails showing your son or daughter how proud you are of their accomplishments; it really means a lot to them to hear from their friends and family.