Class 53 Week 10

This Week at Challenge, Week 10

With only one week until the Halfway party, the cadets are really starting to look forward to having a night off with lots of good food, activities and a company movie.  The physical training continues as the cadets get in better shape, and they are actually now enjoying long runs around the perimeter of the grounds.

Classes this week brought new tasks for the cadets to master.  In Careers, the cadets began filling out job applications so they can learn the best way to get an interview for a job.  Social Studies looked at the Judicial branch and had a local lawyer come and speak to them about their rights. In Health, the cadets studied vitamins and minerals and how they affect the body. Baby Think it Over began on Monday, with 12 of our cadets becoming parents of robotic babies for 5 days, 24 hours a day. We will share cadet perspectives on these activities next week!

This week in science, cadets learned about the weather, in a class taught by local weatherman Bob Shaw. Cadet Morgan from first platoon gave his insight into this fun class taught by a, “Local celebrity!”

A day with the Weatherman
By Cadet Morgan

This week, a local celebrity of Bend, Oregon, by the name of Bob Shaw came to the Oregon Youth Challenge Program as a guest speaker. Mr. Shaw is the Chief Meteorologist in Bend. He came to the Youth Challenge program to give the cadets a little taste of what he does for his career. Mr. Shaw packed a four year college degree into a mere two hours of class time.

Mr. Shaw started the class by giving us a little bit of background information. He told us how his daily routine is at work and the pros and cons of some of the things he does. One of the more intriguing things for some of the cadets is how early he has to wake up. Bob Shaw has to wake up in the wee hours at approximately 3 every morning. He then goes to work and gets down to business. He taught us various tools of the trade. He taught us how the Earth’s tilt, rotation, and land masses are what form the winds. He also taught us how to categorize the winds, how to read a satellite image and predict the weather, and how to forecast for the day(s) following. Everyone in the class was extremely interested about how the weather was predicted. Mr. Shaw isn’t only a local celebrity, but he is now an OYCP celebrity as well.

Service to Community saw the cadets traveling to various parts of Central Oregon to lend a hand on many different projects.  State parks were a big theme this week as the cadets helped to clear trails. The Color Guard is looking forward to participating in various events around the state.

With only a week to go until the halfway point, your support is more important than ever.  With almost half of the program over, we need your support to help those cadets who are on the bubble to be successful.  Remember the Career Fair is only 10 days away, and your participation would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to participate, please call Ms. Mazziotti at 541-317-9623 ext. 250 and she can give you specific details.  Next week, along with celebrating the halfway point of the program, cadets will also be donating blood to the American Red Cross, so please send them a big hug in the mail.