OYCP graduation

Greeting, parents and guardians. Graduation is on June 15, 2021. By now, you should have received your invitations in the mail. We look forward to seeing all of you on graduation day. Please check the OYCP Facebook page for additional details. If you have questions, please call your cadet’s platoon leader. See you on the Read more about OYCP graduation[…]

White stage info.

As white stage progresses, the cadets are learning to rely on their structured schedule and are thriving at OYCP. School that seemed impossible is possible at OYCP and has never been more productive or rewarding. Cadets are also learning how to lead and follow, how to work hard and how to work as a team. Read more about White stage info.[…]

Red stage graduation.

Well, 116 candidates became cadets on Friday, January 29, 2021. It was quite an accomplishment for these determined, motivated students. Now that school has started, the cadets are settling into their new classrooms and are beginning the “white phase” of the program. It is always so nice to see the cadets learning and thriving in Read more about Red stage graduation.[…]