Baby Think It Over

Well, it’s finally here. The big moment to find out who the best father/mother figures are!

The company got 8 babies in total handed out to them. Platoons 1 and 2 each got 3 babies, while Platoon 3 received 2 babies. The parents are the following cadets: Plt. 1: Harris – Gonzalez, Hopkins –Jaramillo, Super – Dearth. Plt. 2: Kollenburn – Nipko, Bartram – Gordon, Carmona – Valencia. Plt. 3: Devereaux – Isais, Allie – Lopez M.

The entire goal of the lesson is to get us ready for a real life baby sometime in the distant future. There are only select cadets chosen to watch over the baby, but the entire effort is for the whole platoon. Some people have lost sleep because the babies have randomly timed switches that go off either every 5 minutes to every hour. Platoon one probably got the Chucky babies! The cadets chosen to watch over the babies have to continue their normal life at challenge while fully caring for the babies’ needs. The babies are as realistic as you can get! They cry when they need a diaper change, bottle fed, burped, or they’re just being fussy. You have to hold their head up too, or else their head falls back and logs the action as ‘rough handling’.

The entire assignment will help prepare us for the future if we decide to have a child. We have to make our lives surrounded around the baby rather than ourselves. Hopefully, this challenge will be met by our company and that we all will have taken something out of it. If our parents were able to raise and deal with us for 16+ years, we can deal with this challenge too.

For those that received babies, Baby Think it Over has already been a rough experience, but we have learned a lot. Many parents spent the first night awake, feeding, changing, and rocking the babies. It has definitely been a test of patience, teamwork, and cooperation for all the platoons. Although it has been stressful, and loud, I know now that I would like to wait for children until I am financially stable and mentally and physically capable to care for another life.

Cadet Devereaux
Cadet Egger                                                                                                                                                 Cadet Kasmeyer