OYCP Career Fair

OYCP held our career fair on October 5th.  Numerous supporters were on hand to talk with the cadets  about possible professions in their future.  Watch the segment that ran on KTVZ – NewsChannel 21. News Story

Class 54 Week 12

This Week at Challenge, Week 12 Week 12 was a fun and exciting week for the cadets. This week included activities that not only helped them for their future, but also helped to save lives. With one week until visitation, all the cadets are motivated and excelling in their studies and with their platoon activities. Read more about Class 54 Week 12[…]

Class 54 Week 11

This Week at Challenge, Week 11 Halfway! This is the cry on the lips of the cadets as we finish the first half of the program. Motivation is high and the cadets are extremely proud of their accomplishments. What a long way they have all come in just 11 weeks, and with the second half Read more about Class 54 Week 11[…]

Class 54 Week 10

This Week at Challenge, Week 10 With only one week until the Halfway party, the cadets are really starting to look forward to having a night off with lots of good food, activities and a company movie. The physical training continues as the cadets get in better shape, and they are actually now enjoying long runs Read more about Class 54 Week 10[…]