Class 53 Week 10

This Week at Challenge, Week 10 With only one week until the Halfway party, the cadets are really starting to look forward to having a night off with lots of good food, activities and a company movie.  The physical training continues as the cadets get in better shape, and they are actually now enjoying long runs Read more about Class 53 Week 10[…]

Class 53 Week 9

This Week at Challenge, Week 9 Week 9 brought a flurry of activities to Challenge with cadets traveling around Central Oregon for community service.  With more activities, time begins to move faster, and the cadets are just beginning to realize that the program is almost half finished.  With all kinds of activities in the upcoming weeks Read more about Class 53 Week 9[…]

Class 53 Week 8

This Week at Challenge, Week 8 As week 8 comes to a close, the main topic on everyone’s tongue was first break.  From the stories the cadets are circulating, it sounds like everyone had a great time.  Now that they are back on site, the cadets are falling into their required routines; marching with new purpose Read more about Class 53 Week 8[…]