Class 53 Week 5

This Week at Challenge, Week 5 Five weeks of Challenge down and what at first seemed extreme has now become normal.  Hours of physical training, mile-long runs, very loud cadre, standards; all these are now the norm for our 141 Cadets.  Another week of school has passed and the Cadets are starting to look forward to Read more about Class 53 Week 5[…]

Class 53 Week 4

This Week at Challenge, Week 4 It’s hard to believe that the Cadets have been here for a month already, but time sure flies during Challenge.  The Cadets have had a very busy week filled with activities all over the spectrum. The school week was filled with all kinds of different activities.  In science class, students Read more about Class 53 Week 4[…]

Class 53 Week 3

This Week at Challenge, Week 3 The cadets had a great first week of white stage filled with school and lots of activities.  Although there are some who are still struggling with home sickness, the company is really coming together as the platoons mesh into cohesive groups.  Already the change is starting to show as the Read more about Class 53 Week 3[…]

Class 53 Week 2

This Week at Challenge, Week 2 They made it!!  145 Candidates completed Red Stage and became Cadets today.  The pride in their accomplishment was written all over their faces.  It was a long uphill battle, but they persevered, overcame and became Cadets – Class 53. The first week of Red Stage ended with the company Read more about Class 53 Week 2[…]