How To Apply

Our next class begins on July 15 or 16, 2020 (Depending on platoon assignment). If you want to apply follow the below steps:

Step 1.  Determine Eligibility

* Volunteer for the program.
* 16-18 years old (must be 16 by the first day and cannot turn 19 before the start of the program).
* Legal resident of the United States and of Oregon.
* Academically deficient or at-risk of dropping out of high school.
* Free from any serious involvement with the law, free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings.
* Physically / Mentally capable to participate.

Step 2.  Review Orientation Slides / Complete Orientation Form

It is mandatory that all applicants and their legal guardian review the orientation slides and complete the Orientation Attendance form. Application files will not begin until a signed Orientation Attendance form is received by the Admissions Department.

Step 3.  Complete Application

The application is now PDF fillable. Complete the full application and return the application to OYCP. The Admissions Department will not consider incomplete applications or applications received after the start date of the July class.  Please ensure you have signed all forms requiring your signature.  Applications may be emailed (preferred method), mailed or faxed.  OYCP does not accept responsibility for lost applications.  It is your responsibility to ensure we have received your full complete application. Applicants will be selected on a “first come, first served” basis. The sooner you submit your completed application, the more likely are your chances of being selected. ( Contingent on meeting eligibility criteria) Please don’t delay!

The application deadline for the July 2020 class is June 22, 2020

   Download Application

Application Assistance Video

Step 4.  Selection

OYCP will select 240 Cadets, comprised of 180 males and 60 female applicants. (Depending on the number of female applicants, OYCP is capable of selecting 120 females). Selection of candidates will be accomplished prioritizing applicants on a combination of grade and academic standing, selecting those applicants who are most “academically at risk” to those who are least “academically at risk”.  Applicants that have submitted a complete application, have been selected, and verbally accepted an offer to attend the program will be mailed an invitation letter; this letter will be sent at a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date.  It is important to follow the detailed instructions in the invitation.


Please call or email our Admissions Department if you have further questions at the contact information below:

541-317-9623 ext 223 or ext 225