News up-date!!

OYCP Update!

Greetings alumni and future Candidates and all your families!

From the Admissions Counselors, MR Strupith and MS Sheridan,

It’s been whirlwind of activity here at the facility since our last entry in August.  First, due to COVID-19, we were unable to start class 60, so all those selected to attend our July class have been moved to our January class, class 61.  We’ll start this class with half our capacity, bringing in 120 total candidates to start Red Stage!  We are all so very excited to have young folks back in the building, and changing their lives!

Our support staff have been working so hard to beautify the 160 acre property that surrounds our  newly remodeled and expanded building!  From removing and chipping old brush, adding red rock gravel, improving walkways, moving boulders, grading fields, to repairing the Obstacle course, improving the Service to community shed, and many more chores around the property! We are so ready to show off the work to our future Cadets, families and guests when it’s safe to do so!

The Cadre are staying in shape, mentally and physically, training on improved leadership strategies to provide to our next class, updating and improving our methods of instruction that will ensure the safety of our incoming students!  Doing physical training is a daily occurrence for our Cadre, getting in optimum shape to “Model for Youth”!

The RPM staff are also hard at work, continuing to work with potential applicants, conducting virtual orientations, revamping our social media campaign, and soon to be rolling out a new digital, online application for our next generation of Candidates!

All this hard work is done for the sake of our future Cadets, getting their education on track, and turning their lives around for the better!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Frank Strupith

Aubrey Sheridan