Module 9: Introduction to P-RAP


Become familiar with the Post-Residential Action Plan (P-RAP)

Key Points

The Post-Residential Action Plan (P-RAP) is a tool that supports the process of goal development and action planning for the Residential and Post-Residential Phases.  Some programs have their own names for the Post-Residential Action Plan, including the “Cadet Action Plan” (CAP), or “My Action Plan” (MAP).  Regardless of name, the tool provides the roadmap to a cadet’s success.  The written plan created by each cadet provides the cadet with training in how to set goals and make plans while keeping ownership of their future.  In short, the P-RAP is “the link between the ChalleNGe Program and post-residential success. The P-RAP servers four functions: (1) helps cadets identify and obtain more durable placement, (2) provide focus for mentoring relationships and guide mentor responsibilities, (3) increase post-residential accountability, and (4) help post-residential staff to monitor placement activities and work with cadets in the Post-Residential Phase.  The mentor should use the P-RAP as a basis for conversations with the cadet and use the plan as a guide in helping the cadet succeed. 


___ Review the Resources
___ Complete Activities
___ Complete the Module 9 assessment

1 Resources

1 Activities

  • Facebook: Like the ONGYCP page on Facebook to receive program notifications and comunicate with other Mentors, Parents, and Cadets.

  • 1 Practice by setting three S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself with regards to your mentoring relationship. Also be sure to consider the following: -- Outcomes- What is your goal? -- Methods- What are the steps necessary to achieve your goal? -- Barriers- What might keep you from reaching your goal? -- Resources- Who or what will support you in reaching your goal? -- Strategies- What steps you will take to overcome what is keeping you from reaching your goal?

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