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a. Type in the Cadets name and select the Platoon they are in
b. Type in your name, select your relationship with the cadet, and type in your Email Address
c. Type your message and click the submit button
d. You will receive a notification, "Note to your Cadet has been sent" when it goes through.

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Note to send to Cadet

Dear Parent/Caregiver:

Thank you for encouraging your son or daughter to take part in the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program. By helping your child take part in this program, you are helping to prepare him or her for the future.

Communication is key to your cadet’s success, especially when it comes to homesickness. Our online contact form is a way for parents, caregivers, mentors, and friends to send messages of news and encouragement.

Messages are printed and delivered to cadets at mail call Monday through Sunday. Note, messages may be briefly screened by a staff member for inappropriate content.

Your child’s emotional health can affect how they do in school, their relationships with family, friends, fellow cadets and staff, and how well they bounce back when faced with new challenges. Please take advantage of this opportunity to update your cadet on what is going on at home, encourage them, and pass a little love each day. You can begin sending messages immediately.

You can also begin sending letters in the mail immediately. The address is:

Cadet [Last, First], Plt [1, 2, or 3]
23861 Dodds Rd
Bend, OR 97701

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Updated 7-21-15