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Monthly Mentor Reports

Mentor Reports are due by the 20th of each month.

Submit Mentor Report Online

Submit Mentor Report via Email, Fax, Phone, or US Mail

 Download a copy of the Mentor Report Form,
In Word, click here Word form can be filled on your computer and saved

In Adobe Reader, click here 

To send via Email, click on the name of your case manager below and attach your filled form. at 541-317-9623 ext. 245 at 541-317-9623 ext. 225 at 541-317-9623 ext. 227 at 541-317-9623 ext. 235

To send via Fax,
send filled in form to 541-382-6785.

To send via Phone, fill in the report form and call your case manager using the numbers above.

To send via US Mail, send filled form to:
ATTN: Name of your Case Manager
Oregon Youth Challenge Program
23861 Dodds Rd
Bend, OR 97701