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The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program (ONGYCP) is a mentor-active, cost free, drug free, coed, residential/post-residential program conducted at the Central Oregon Training and Education Facility (COTEF) in Bend, Oregon. It is an "at-risk" youth program which targets unemployed and underemployed male and female teens ages 16 to 18 who have dropped out or are struggling with school. The program's mission is to provide work skills and alternative learning opportunities to meet the unique individual needs of students in order to increase positive behavioral and academic skills.

What is an ONGYCP Mentor?

The Post Residential phase, also known as the Mentor Phase, begins during the residential phase and continues for one year after the Mentee successfully completes the residential phase. Mentors are people ages 21 and over who volunteer at least one hour a week to a Mentee that has successfully completed the 20-week Residential Phase. Before an applicant can be enrolled, he or she must provide two mentor applications to the program. The mission of an ONGYCP Mentor is to identify the goals that the graduate has set during the Residential Phase and then to successfully assist that graduate in integrating those goals into real achievements. The goal of mentoring is to help young people gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their future in academic and occupational endeavors. The mentor relationship begins in the 13th week of the Residential Phase. At that time there is a Mentor / Mentee Matching Ceremony. From week 13 until the end of the 20-week Residential Phase, the mentor and the Mentee correspond by way of letter writing. The mentorship phase involves weekly meetings between a Youth Challenge graduate and a responsible adult volunteer mentor from their home community. Each mentor is screened and trained prior to meeting with the Mentee. The mentor becomes a friend and advisor for the young person. In short, the mentor is there to help the Youth Challenge Mentee to become a responsible, contributing member of society.

Two completed Mentor Applications must accompany the completed Enrollment Application. Please forward these Mentor Applications to the individuals that are willing to commit to your applicant as a mentor. [The Enrollment Application will not be processed without these two Mentor Applications completed and returned to ONGYCP]. Immediate family members cannot be mentors. Mentors must be same gender as the applicant.

According to juvenile justice experts, mentoring is one of the most important aspects of juvenile crime prevention. For more information on what a mentor is, please go to  The key to success is follow-up and accountability. ONGYCP is always recruiting new mentors for its graduating cadets. If you or someone you know would like to become an ONGYCP Mentor, please Call or Email one of our Mentor Coordinators:

Deborah Turner at 541-317-9623 ext. 245
Joel Garibay at 541-317-9623 ext. 225
Maria Lucero at 541-317-9623 ext. 227
Volinda Foreman at 541-317-9623 ext. 235

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