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How to Apply

Please submit your application as early as possible. Applications will not be accepted for the January class after Dec 9th. Applications must be the latest version (revised 8-5-16 displayed on each page).

The Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program (ONGYCP) will be hosting Candidate Orientation for Class 2017-1 at the program facility in Bend, Oregon. The actual class will start in January 2017. The purpose of the Orientation is to provide information to the applicant and his/her guardians of the program and program expectations. It gives  the applicant a first-hand look at the schedule, structure and discipline of the program. A tour is given and a question and answer time is provided. This process also allows the staff of the program to interact with the Candidates for purposes of selection and enrollment.

Orientation is mandatory for all those who desire to attend ONGYCP. Only applicants and parents are admitted to the event. Please do not bring friends, siblings, or boyfriends/girlfriends. No more than three people may attend from each party. Oregon State law requires ONGYCP to be a tobacco free zone. Use of tobacco products/drugs/alcohol is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the 160 acre property.

If you are interested, please call 541-317-9623 ext 223 for further information and to request an application be sent by mail.

Or you can simply download an Enrollment Application in from this website.

Please read and complete the applications and return them as soon as possible to ensure consideration for the next Class.

Information to help you find a Mentor:

Fact Sheet for Future Mentors

Once you have identified someone you think you want to ask to be your mentor, use this fact sheet to help explain Challenge mentoring.

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Mentors Make The Difference:

Find out how mentoring supports the goals of ChalleNGe through the real-life stories of cadets experiencing the program, staff supporting the cadets, and experts in the field of mentoring.

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