FAQ | Oregon National Guard


Q: What does the program cost?
A: It is a cost free program. The real cost is the 17 and one half months total commitment from the individual cadet.

Q: Is the program co-ed?
A: Yes.

Q: What is an at-risk youth?
A: A youth that is failing academically and/or behaviorally. A youth that is in real danger of getting seriously involved in the correctional system.

Q: What does a cadet do on a daily basis?
A: Select "Activities and Training" on "ABOUT US" page

Q: Is there an orientation for applicants and guardians?
A: Yes, date is listed on "HOW TO APPLY" page. 

Q: What does a student get from ONGYCP?
A:  An ONGYCP graduate has the opportunity to achieve 8 high school credits, a HSD, or the GED. If the graduate has enough credits they can achieve a High School diploma issued by Oregon Challenge High School. A personal letter of recommendation is written for each graduate by the Director of the program. A graduation certificate is also granted.

Q: Is there weekend leave or visitation during the 22 weeks?
A: Yes.  There are two weekend breaks during the class where the Cadets depart from our facility and return.  The first break usually takes place around week 6 of the class and the second break takes place around week 18.  There is a one day visitation during the class at week 13 for immediate family members and legal guardians only (i.e. brothers, sisters, grandparents). Cousins, boyfriends, or girlfriends are not permitted at visitation. Click here to see schedule.

Q: Are there phone privileges?
A: No. Only in the case of an emergency.

Q: Can the cadets write and receive letters?
A: Yes.

Q: Do the cadets wear uniforms?
A: Yes, they are provided by the program and stay at the program after graduation (see Photos). 

Q: Do cadets need money at ONGYCP?
A: No. Absolutely no money is permitted at ONGYCP.

Q: Does the school have a wellness program for the cadet?
A: Yes. ONGYCP recognizes the importance of nutritional education, physical activity and related educational activities. Policy and outcomes can be viewed on our downloads page.